Zoo Med Hermit Crab Mineral Blocks


Brand: Zoo Med

The Zoo Med Hermit Crab Mineral Blocks are perfect for providing your hermit crab with a healthy diet. These blocks are made of high-quality minerals and added food that are designed to provide your pet with optimal nutrition. With a unit count of 2.00, these blocks are perfect for feeding your pet for up to 4 days. Your pet will get all the food and minerals he desires directly from the block.

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  • A specially made mineral and food block for the health of your Hermit Crabs
  • Great timerelease vacation food!
  • Your Hermit Crabs will sit on top of the banquet block for hours!
  • Proudly made in the USA for hermit crabs.
  • 2 Pack Of Zoo Med Hermit Crab Mineral Blocks

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