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Pets Marketplace was developed with you and your best friend(s) in mind. We offer natural pet products and services that represent the highest quality and standards. Plus, you can always expect to receive a warm welcome with a commitment to help from our staff. As pet owners and lovers, our goal is to make every effort to fulfill your dog or cat’s needs. After all, they deserve to receive the best quality of life too!


We make every effort to make your pets happy and find the proper nutrition for their lives. Our staff helps owners take control of their pet's diet through education on nutrition, as well as the impact of choosing natural foods over commercial foods.


We nurture relationships with the pets and their owner. Our food, assorted treats, supplements, pet supplies, interactive toys and apparel are from quality brands. Our grooming, spa and self-wash products are natural, gentle and non irritating. Our insightful, informed, and friendly staff have exceptional knowledge and are dedicated to customer service.


Pets Marketplace is home to pets. We strive to help dogs and cats lead their healthiest lives by providing foods and products to sustain your pet's health backed by our dedication to delivering the highest quality of service to our customers. We understand and support sustaining your pet's health, wellness and natural lifestyle by keeping them healthy from the inside out. Our team carefully recommends supplements that compliment your pet's diet and wellness.

For the Do-It-Yourself-Ers DIY-ers

Use our self-serve dog wash, where everything is provided and we clean up the mess!

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