Wenplus 2PCS Aquarium Tweezers Set Long Handle Reptile Feeding Tongs


The Wenplus 2PCS Aquarium Tweezers are perfect for feeding and handling your aquarium plants. Made of high-quality forged stainless steel, these tweezers are sturdy and resistant to rust. The long feeding tweezers have a 10.6 inch reach and can be used with any angle. The anti-slip clips help keep the tweezers secure in place. The tweezers come in a set of two and are black.

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  • The tweezers are made of quality forged stainless steel that is coated with black paint.
  • They have long handles and serrated tips to help grip things more securely.
  • These tools are perfect for feeding and handling plants, lizards, spiders, and more in an aquarium or terrarium setting.
  • you will receive two sets of tweezers
  • please remember to clean and dry them after use