WAHL Professional Animal Equine Grooming Sweat Scraper Horse Tool


Brand: WAHL

The WAHL Professional Animal Equine Grooming Sweat Scraper is designed to help you keep your horse clean and dry. This scraper features a black handle and a durable rubber grip that makes it easy to use. The scraper also has a built-in moisture grabber edge that helps you remove water and sweat from your horse’s coat.

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  • The Wahl Sweat Scraper is a top quality Equine Grooming Tool that was designed with all of the important features in mind such as being comfortable, durable and easy to use!
  • The Wahl Sweat Scraper is a must have grooming tool for every horse owner who wants to save time and have a happy and beautifully groomed horse!
  • Professional Grooming Tools’ A specially designed, ergonomic body and a rubber grip make it more comfortable for you and allows for easy use.
  • The Wahl’s Sweat Scraper’s contoured design makes it easier to remove sweat or excess water from a horse to help cool down or minimize drying time.