TRZ Salinity Refractometer for Aquariums, Marine Monitoring


The TRZ Salinity Refractometer is designed for the testing the concentration of salt water and brine. It is more accurate than a hydrometer and easy to measure. The refractometer features a dual sacle 0-100ppt salinity measurement range and a 1.000-1.070 specific gravity measurement range. The refractometer also features automatic temperature compensation and is easy to use.

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  • The product is designed for testing the concentration of salt water and brine.
  • It provides a direct reading of the specific weight and concentration (Part per thousand) of salt in water.
  • The refractometer is used for by our quality control in research and clinical laboratories.
  • In the food industry it is particularly effective on the preparation of frozen vegetables, fruits, sea fruits and ocean byproducts.
  • The Salinity Refractometer is also available in ocean ographie and saltwater studies for determining the soil quality.

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