Tough 1 Miniature Novelty Ladybug Mesh Fly Mask


Brand: Tough 1

The Tough 1 Miniature Novelty Ladybug Mesh Fly Mask is a great way to protect your horse from harmful UV rays. Made of high-quality materials, this mask is designed to help aid in the healing process after an eye injury. The mesh design allows for unobstructed vision while providing protection from harmful rays. The double latch closure makes it difficult for other horses to remove the mask, and the brand name is printed on the front of the mask for easy identification.

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  • The product is a tough 1 miniature novelty ladybug mesh fly mask.
  • It protects your horse’s face and eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • It also helps in healing after eye injuries.
  • The mask has a see through design which allows for clear visibility.
  • It features double latch closures to prevent the mask from falling off.

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