TJDOPE Plush Puzzle Dog Toys Treat Dispensing Snuffle


The TJDOPE Plush Puzzle Dog Toys are perfect for providing your pet with some extra entertainment. These toys are made of soft fleece fabric that is safe and eco-friendly. They feature multiple pockets for storing snacks or treats, as well as a slow feeder for dispensing those items one at a time. The TJDOPE Plush Puzzle Dog Toys also have an interactive element that allows you to hide and seek with your pet.

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  • The TJDOPE Plush Puzzle Dog Toy is made of soft fleece fabric, making it both soft and durable.
  • It features a builtin squeaker, which makes it both exciting and educational.
  • The toy also helps to stimulate your dogs’ brains, which makes it ideal for training purposes.
  • This product is perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasions.