Tetra Glass Aquarium 55 Gallons Rectangular Fish Tank (NV52018)


Brand: Tetra

This Tetra Glass Aquarium is the perfect addition to any home or office! With its sleek design and modern style, it will look great in any room. This aquarium is perfect for small spaces, as it can be easily fit into any corner. It’s also easy to maintain, as you’ll only need to change the water every 60 to 90 days. So why wait? Get your Tetra Glass Aquarium today!

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  • The product is a Tetra Glass Aquarium 55 Gallon, Rectangle Fish Tank.
  • It comes with a filter, light, and water care product (sold separately).
  • You can customize The look of your tank with various colors and decorations.
  • The tank measures 48 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 20 inches high.
  • It includes a filter, light, and water care product (sold separately).