Smart Paws Cat Litter Box


Brand: Smart Paws

The Smart Paws Cat Litter Box is a large, durable cat litter box that is perfect for any home. Made of polypropylene, this box is easy to clean and is designed to prevent your floors from being scratched by the cat litter. With a top-entry design, this box keeps your floors free from debris. The Smart Paws Cat Litter Box is available in color-grey and is large enough to accommodate up to 13 pounds of cat litter.

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  • The product is a top entry cat litter box that is large enough to fit most cats.
  • It is made of polypropylene material which is easy to clean.
  • The design includes a top mesh plate to prevent the cat litter from falling out.
  • Cats can use the litter box as a resting place.