SSavic Sputnik Small Animal House (XL, Black)


Brand: Savic

The SSAvic Sputnik Small Animal House is a great place to keep your small animals. This house features two separate rooms with different types of wire mesh to prevent unwanted animal or insect infestation. The front room has a sliding door that allows you to easily access the back room. The back room also has a sliding door that gives you easy access to the outside. The roof is covered in blue plastic to help resist damage from sunlight and weather.

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  • The product is a small animal house for rats, hamsters, mice birds and other pets
  • It is made of SSavic black material
  • The dimensions of the product are 9.5×13 x 12.5 inches
  • It comes with a top rack, 2 shelves and a bottom rack
  • The manufacturer recommends that it be used for rodents up to about 40 pounds