Cat Toys Rechargeable Flapping Duck 4″


Brand: Potaroma

The Potaroma Cat Toys Rechargeable Flapping Duck 4″ with SilverVine Catnip, Lifelike Quack Chirping, Beating Wings Cat Kicker Toys, Touch Activated Kitten Toy Plush Interactive Cat Exercise Toys is a perfect holiday gift for your cat. This toy features realistic sound effects and interactive features that keep your cat entertained and moving. The included silvervine and catnip pouch adds even more fun to the toy.

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  • The product is an interactive pet toy that is rechargeable.
  • It has sounds and lights that make it fun for cats.
  • The product is made by Potaroma, a brand known for making quality products.
  • It comes with a natural catnip pouch to help stimulate interest in the product.