POPETPOP Coral holder Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass 32 Hole Cover Clip Support Holder



The POPETPOP Coral Holder Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass is a great way to keep your fish safe and secure. This glass features 32 clear, sturdy holes that allow for plenty of movement and ventilation. The glass also has a double-layered design that helps reduce fish stress. The glass is made from high-quality, non-toxic acrylic that’s BPA free and easy to clean.

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  • This product is a 32 hole acrylic holder that is meant for use in an aquarium or fish tank.
  • The holder is made of acrylic material that is nontoxic and will last long.
  • The holder comes with 1 set
  • The size of the holder is 33.5×10.5×5.5cm

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