PetoYO Dog Rope Toys Puppy Teeth Cleaning


The PETOYO Dog Rope Toys Puppy Chew Toys is a safe and healthy way to give your dog some much needed attention. Made from 100% natural cotton, these toys are easy on the gums and teeth of your pet and provide a fun and interactive way to spend time together. With a drawstring backpack bag, these toys are easy to carry and store, making them perfect for taking with you on your next adventure.

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  • The PETOYO Dog Rope Toys are made from 100% natural cotton, which is nontoxic and does not damage the teeth or gums of your pet.
  • These rope toys can help decrease your pet’s separation anxiety and satisfy their instinctual needs.
  • They are easy to carry around in a drawstring backpack bag.
  • Made from durable material that helps clean teeth and gums during play