Petmate Ruffmaxx Camouflage Dog Carrier & Crate 40″ (70-90 Lb)


Brand: Petmate

The Petmate Ruffmaxx Camouflage Dog Kennel Pet Carrier & Crate 40″ is an airline-adaptable pet carrier that is perfect for large dogs and pets 70-90 lbs. It features a crate design with a carrying handle and an easy-open front latch, and has ventilation on the sides. The crate also includes nuts and bolts for quick setup.

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  • The Petmate Ruffmaxx Camouflage Dog Kennel is a strong and dependable travel kennel made from durable recycled material.
  • It features 360degree ventilation, an easy open front latch, and convenient carrying handles.
  • The kennel also has openings on the sides for additional ventilation.
  • It can hold dogs up to 90 pounds
  • The kennel is available in a camouflage color for outdoor use