Compass Fashion Pets Kennel With Chrome Door, Hot Pink/Black


Brand: Petmate

The Petmate 41038 Compass Fashion Pets Kennel is perfect for traveling with your pet. This kennel features a 2-way door that opens on either side for easy pet access and ventilated sides for maximum visibility and air flow. The kennel also has crate and kennel training for dog safety and comfort.

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  • The Petmate Compass Fashion Kennel is a comfortable and safe experience for pets.
  • With the expandable entrance, pet parents can easily assist their pets entering and exiting the plastic kennel.
  • The doublehinged door’s turn dial latches allow easy access for opening on either side, or for complete door removal.
  • The top’s slide on design allows for easy assembly, snapping together in three simple steps, no tools required.
  • Optional hardware is included for additional security.