PETKARE Kitty Litter Mat – Pet Trapping Kittens


The PETKARE Cat Litter Mat is a must-have for any cat owner. This mat features a large, upgraded honeycomb surface that is made of safe BPA-free material. The unique spot design considersately protects cat paws from getting hooked. The non-slip back layer ensures stability and prevents kitties from slipping on the mat. The water-proof dual layer also protects ceramic, wooden floors and carpets from being stained by urine. The mat is easy to clean and is more durable than other mats which can be rinsed repeatedly over 300 times.

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  • The product is a pet litter mat that is larger and wider than previous models.
  • It has an upgraded antislip back layer and is nontoxic and made of soft EVA material.
  • The enlarged convex honeycomb works well on trapping the scattered litter effectively.
  • To clean, just wipe or rinse the mat with soapy water and dry in a ventilated place.