My Doggy Place Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel with Hand Pockets


The My Doggy Place Dog Towel is a super absorbent microfiber towel that is perfect for keeping your dog clean and dry. Made with durable materials and stitching, this towel is available in a variety of colors and sizes. The large hand pockets allow for easy drying on any part of the body, and the machine-washable design makes it easy to keep clean.

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  • The product is an ultra absorbent towel that can hold 7 times its weight and can absorb 5 times its weight in water and dirt.
  • It is made with chenille microfiber strands which make it easy to clean and dry.
  • There are two large built in hand pockets to help with under belly drying.
  • It is washer and dryer safe