Koolermax Aquarium Reef Reverse Osmosis Water System


The Koolermax AR-122 6-stage RO+DI Aquarium Reef Reverse Osmosis Water System is a complete water system that includes everything you need to get started with fishkeeping. With a 150GPD RO membrane and 120 gallon per day generation rate, this system is designed for use with high quality water supplies. The system comes complete with all filters, tubing, instruction, under sink installation hardware and an extra garden hose adapter.

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  • 6 stage RO+DI Reverse Osmosis + Deionization water purification system
  • designed to tap into your water supply line underthe sink or to a garden hose valve
  • once it is connected to water supply with above 45 psi input pressure, the system is able to purify the tap water into ultrapure water at a rate of 120 gallons per day
  • for example, if the water quality of tap water is 300ppm, after 4th stage RO membrane filter, the TDS reading will be reduced to about 25ppm
  • The filters used in the system are: 1st stage sediment filter, 2nd & 3rd stage carbon filter, 4th stage TFC150 RO membrane, 5th & 6th stage color changing DI filters