kathson Cat Slow Feeder Bowl


The kathson Cat Slow Feeder Bowl is made of high-quality ceramic, non-toxic and odor-free, lead & cadmium free totally safe for your pet to use. The bowl is available in two sizes: Large (8. 6 inch) and Small (1. 5 inch). The large bowl has a smooth design on the surface to avoid the pet’s mouth and tongue from being scratched. The small bowl features lots of ridges on the surface to help promote chewing and prevent bloat, indigestion and obesity. The kathson Cat Slow Feeder Bowl is perfect for any cat owner who wants to encourage their pet to eat slower and chew more thoroughly.

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  • The kathson Cat Slow Feeder Bowl is made of highquality ceramic, which is nontoxic and odorfree.
  • It has a fun design that makes it perfect for entertaining your cat.
  • The bowl is large enough to accommodate up to 1.8 pounds of food.
  • It comes with an interactive feature that makes it fun for your cat to catch food.