Horse Belly Guard Body Bandage Wrap Spur Mark Protector


The Horse Belly Guard Body Bandage is designed to provide protection against skin damage in the contact area to the rider’s leg. This bandage is made of a completely elastic, durable material that is breathable and self-fixing. It has four touch closure straps on two sides of the bandage that can be used to adjust the bandage to the proper size and position. The bandage also features thick fleece padding that fits with the horse’s belly without rubbing.

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  • The product is an horsbelly guard bandage designed to protect against skin damage.
  • It is made of elastic, durable material that is breathable and has maximum flexibility.
  • The bandage has four touch go closures to prevent the girth holder from slipping forward and rubbing underarms.
  • It comes with a thick fleece padding to make it more comfortable to wear.