Harrison Howard CareMaster Pro Luminous Horse Fly Mask with Ears Pasture Green


The Harrison Howard CareMaster Pro Luminous Horse Fly Mask is a multi-function, comfortable design that provides excellent protection against horseflies and other insects. The mask features a translucent fine mesh for a clear view of your surroundings while providing comfort and security. The ears are made of fleece padding to help reduce the impact on your face from the mask’s edge. The nose foam is designed to stay put and not run away. The mouth is also equipped with a fleece lining to help reduce irritation from the mask.

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  • The Harrison Howard Caremaster Pro Luminous Fly Mask provides your horse with firstclass fly and UV protection.
  • Protects your horse from vicious biting insects and pollen that could cause infections and allergies.
  • High tech fabric panels over the nose and ears offer midgeproof protection and block out at least 60% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • The Caremaster Pro Luminous Fly Mask is engineered for durability and comfort with fleece padded edges and seams to keep the mask away from the horse’s eyes and allow him maximum visibility when grazing.

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