GXSTWU Reptile Tank Hygrometer Thermometer with Hook Temperature Humidity Meter Gauge


The GXSTWU Reptile Hygrometer is a precise and stylish way to keep an eye on the temperature and air humidity in your reptile tanks. The thermometer comes with a battery so you can use it right away, and the stylish design ensures that it will never go out of style after you’ve installed it. The unit count is 1.0 count, so you’ll have one in each of your reptile tanks.

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  • A useful digital temperature humidity meter gauge with size of only 2.08″x1.3″x067″.
  • This can be displayed anywhere in your tank without getting in the way of your pal’s view.
  • Mini size perfect for your terrariums, vivariums and reptile tanks or any other place that requires monitoring of temperature and humidity levels.
  • Temperature & Humidity display Temperature unit / Convertible Temperature range: +14+122(-10+50) Humidity Range: 20%RH90%RH Unit dimensions: 53x33x17mm LCD Dimension: 43x23mm Power supply: 1x 1.5V LR44 Weight: 26g Package includes: 1Reptile Hygrometer Thermometer 11.5V LR44

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