Small Animals Grooming Kit Including Pet Hair Remover, Shampoo Bath Brush with Adjustable Ring Handle


Brand: Patelai

The 3 Pieces Small Animals Grooming Kit is a great way to get started with grooming your small animals. This set includes a bunny hair grooming brush, a pet bath comb brush and a double-sided pet comb. The bunny hair grooming brush has a ring handle, which makes it easy to use. The needle of the grooming brush is long, which can give your animals a massage. The pet bath comb brush can clean the hairs of your animals and give massages to your pets. The pet bath comb brush is designed with a ring handle, which is convenient for you to use.

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  • The product includes a grooming kit that contains three items: a rabbit hair grooming brush, a pet bath comb brush, and a double sided pet comb.
  • The grooming kit is in the color blue and made of plastic.
  • The package includes the grooming kit.
  • To groom and massage your pets, use the included brushes.

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