Fluval pH Low Test Kit for Aquarium Water, Freshwater Fish Tank


Brand: Fluval

The Fluval pH Low Test Kit for Aquarium Water is a must-have for any freshwater aquarium. This test kit contains 225 pH Low tests, which are perfect for measuring the pH of your water. The pH of your water is one of the most important parameters to measure because it affects the health and wellbeing of your fish. It’s recommended to test your water weekly at different times in order to chart changes that can affect the pH of your water. This test kit is ideal for freshwater aquariums with tropical fish requiring lower pH levels in acidic water conditions.

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  • The Fluval pH Low Range Test Kit is ideal for freshwater aquariums containing tropical fish that require lower pH levels (below 7.0) in soft and acidic water conditions.
  • Made in Canada, Fluval Test Kits accurately measure water parameters to help you maintain a balanced and healthy environment for your fish and plant life.
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