Flexzion Gravity Pet Feeder Food Dispenser 6-12 lb Size


Brand: Flexzion

The Flexzion Gravity Pet Feeder is a great way to feed your pets. It features a gravity-fed design that ensures your pets always have access to fresh food. Made of durable PET plastic, this feeder is built to last. The recessed handle area makes it easy to carry, while the non-skid rubber feet keep it stable in place.

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  • The product is a gravity fed food and water dispenser designed to replenish your pets’ food supply when it becomes low.
  • Made of PET plastic, the dispenser is more sustainable than PVC alternatives.
  • The wide refill opening allows quick and easy refill without having to remove the tank.
  • Both water and kibble flows from the top of the container, making it easier to clean.

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