Exo Terra LED Thermometer/Hygrometer


Brand: Hagen

The Exo Terra LED Rept-O-Meter Digital Combination Thermometer/Hygrometer is a great way to keep track of the temperature and humidity in your home. This device features an accurate temperature and humidity reading, as well as a single button operation that makes it easy to use. The included remote sensor allows you to set the range of temperatures and humidity that you want to monitor. The minimum and maximum memory settings ensure that the device will only store the most recent measurements.

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  • The Exon Terra Digital ThermoHygrometer is a combination thermometer and hygrometer.
  • This 2in1 precision instrument is equipped with a remote combined sensor for accurate temperature and humidity indication.
  • has a programmable minimum/maximum memory setting which can be controlled with a single button.
  • durable and easy to use, the Exon Terra Digital ThermoHygrometer can be installed with hook & loop fastener (included), or by simply sliding it into position on top of the Exon Terra Compact Top or Dual Top Canopy.

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