Dog Chew Toys for Cleaning Teeth and Removing Dental Calculus, Non-Toxic Natural Rubber Leaking Food Indestructible Ball


The Pogo 3D Pro is a sturdy and durable ball that is perfect for training your dogs. Made of sturdy non-toxic rubber, it is resistant to deformation and damage. The ball features a 360-degree protrusion design that allows for multiple tosses and tricks. The ball also has a blue coating that makes it easy to spot from a distance. The blue coating is also resistant to fading and chipping.

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  • The product is a dog chew toy that is meant to help clean teeth and remove dental calculus.
  • It is made of natural rubber that is nontoxic and durable.
  • you can put treats in it to entice your dog to play with it.
  • it comes with a training rope or bell device
  • you can use it for various purposes including training, protecting furniture, or entertaining your pet