BestPet Cat Litter Box Enclosure


Brand: BestPet

The BestPet Cat Litter Box Enclosure Covered Litter Box Enclosed Cat House Condo Side Table Hidden Cat Washroom Litter Tray with Door Enlarged Cat Litter Cabinet Cat FurnitureBrown/White (White) is designed to give your cat a private place to do its business. With a wide countertop and a sturdy frame, this enclosure can accommodate large litter boxes or pet beds. The door is made of wood with a classic white/brown stain, and the hinges are concealed within the door frame for a sleek look.

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  • The product is a multidirectional, wide top cat litter box enclosure covered with a lid that hides the litter box.
  • It comes with an enlarged cat litter box, a removable cat bed, and a washable, reusable liner.
  • The design includes openings on both sides for easy access and egress, as well as a decorative cat door.
  • This product is perfect for any room in your home, including bedrooms, living rooms, offices, nurseries, kitchens, and more.