Aquatic Arts 3 Live Zebra Nerite Snails


The Aquatic Arts 3 Live Zebra Nerite Snails are perfect for any aquarium owner who wants to avoid having snails reproduce in their tanks. These snails are the single best eating snails in freshwater, and they wipe off aquarium glass, aquatic plants, and decor easily. They are also safe to keep with all nonaggressive freshwater aquarium fish, as well as dwarf shrimp. The Aquatic Arts 3 Live Zebra Nerite Snails come with a 100% alive arrival guarantee, plus free email support.

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  • Zebra Nerite Snails are a type of shellfish that can help clean an aquarium.
  • they are known for being one of the best eating snails in the aquarium hobby.
  • The shells have gold and black zebra like stripes.
  • they are small and perfect for the micro or nano aquarium
  • some Nerite Snails are initially finicky about eating dry snail food

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