Aquatic Arts Hornwort Live Aquarium Plants


Display your favorite plants or animals in your aquarium today with the Aquatic Arts Hornwort Live Aquarium Plants! These beautiful plants add a natural ocean feel to your home, while also helping to keep it clean and stable. Plus, they’re easy to care for! So why wait? Get your Aquatic Arts Hornwort Live Aquarium Plants today!

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  • Each order includes 2 extra large aquarium plant hornwort bunches with approximately 10 stems
  • Hornwort is a noninvasive and fastgrowing aquatic plant that is incredibly hardy and easy to care for
  • With whorls of delicate forked leaves on slender stems in rich shades of bright to olivegreen
  • Live aquarium plants freshwater hornwort are commonly used for cover in aquariums, such as an aquaponic fish tank or breeding tank, to provide shelter for small invertebrates, fish, and offspring.
  • A live hornwort plant can also be floated at the bottom of a pond using an anchor, providing a screen of foliage for fish to hide from predators.