Reptile Habitat Cave for Fish and Shrimp to Swim


The Aquarium Trunk Decoration Hollow Tree Trunk Hideout Log Hideaway Fish Tank Resin Wood Ornament Reptile Habitat Cave for Fish and Shrimp is a great way to add some style to your fish tank. Made from natural resin, this trunk decoration is light but durable and provides a place for your fish to hide. The hollow design makes it easy for you to fill with fish food and clean, while the lack of a back prevents fish from escaping.

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  • The product is made of 100% natural resin.
  • It is safe for all pets.
  • The product is light weight and sturdy.
  • It comes with branches that can be used to decorate and climb reptiles.
  • The product makes for an ideal hiding spot for nocturnal fish and shrimp.