120 Tab Tetra Plecomin Fish Food


Brand: Tetra

The Tetra PlecoMin Fish Food is a developed for Plecostomus and other catfish, Tetra PlecoMin is a vegetable-enriched tablet that contains spirulina algae. The Tetra PlecoMin 120 Tablets are sent to you from the UK and sold by Aquatic, Reptile & Pet Supplies offering great brands you love at top prices.

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  • The product is designed for use with tropical fish, specifically plecostomus and suckling loaches.
  • It contains vegetable proteins and Spirulina algae to match the natural diet of the fish.
  • The tablets are soft and do not break down easily, making them ideal for use in mixed community tanks with other flake foods.
  • They contain all essential nutrients and vitamins, making them an excellent choice for a healthy addition to the diet of timid fish.