Zupreem Natural Medium Bird Food, 20-Pound


Brand: ZuPreem

The Zupreem 230354 Natural Medium Bird Food is a high-quality bird food that is perfect for all life stages of your birds. Made with a blend of proteins and fats that are rich in essential nutrients, this food is designed to provide your birds with a healthy diet. The Zupreem 230354 is also easy to clean and is a great way to keep your home looking clean and organized.

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  • ZuPreem Natural Premium Daily Bird Food is a pelletized food designed for large parrots such as macaws, cockatoos, and amazon parakeets.
  • The food is made with crude protein, fat, and fiber from soybeans and corn.
  • It comes in a 20 lb bag.
  • The food is meant to be consumed in moderation and can help improve overall health.