You+ Chinchilla Cage Accessories, Wood Platform with Chew Toys Lava Ledge Block


The YOU+ Chinchilla Cage Accessories are made of high-quality wood that is safe for your animals. The accessories include a wooden platform with a chew toy ledge, two plastic storage bins, and a metal feeder tube. The platform measures 11.75 inches long by 6 inches wide by 6 inches high, and the plastic storage bins each measure 10 inches long by 5 inches wide by 5 inches deep. The metal feeder tube is 4 inches long and can accommodate up to 40 mice or rats. The YOU+ Chinchilla Cage Accessories are perfect for any mouse, rat, chinchilla, hamster, gerbil, or other small animal owner who wants to add a touch of style to their cages.

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  • The product is a wooden platform toy that is made of natural wood.
  • It measures 6x6x11.75 inches and comes with a string of chew toys.
  • The platform has a natural wood finish and makes for a good resting and nesting place for your furry friend.
  • It also helps maintain oral hygiene by grinding away at its surface.