YNC Bird Cage Bathtub Shower Box


The YNC Bird Cage Bathtub Shower Box is perfect for keeping your bird hydrated and healthy. Made of high-quality materials, it is durable and easy to clean. The bottom of the bathtub is removable for easy cleaning, and the shower box is easy to install.

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  • The YNC Bird Cage Bathtub Shower Box is made of highquality, durablematerialthatis nontoxic tothehealthofyourbird.
  • It has a unique design thatmakesit easytoseeandkeepclean.
  • The box comeswithmanyraisedgridsat thebottomto preventthebirdfromslippingandmakebathsafeforbothbirdsandhumans.
  • It is easy toinstallandafterinstallationyoucanconnectthetransparentplasticcoverwiththebluebottomtorainbowring foraestheticappeal.