YMINA Cat Litter Box with Lid Large Foldable Front Entry Top Exit


The YMINA Cat Litter Box is perfect for keeping your cat comfortable and safe. With a foldable design that is easy to transport and store, this box is easy to set up and use. The box features two doors for easy entry and exit, and a third door for a private area. The box also has an easy-to-clean drawer for storing litter and other items. The YMINA Cat Litter Box is perfect for any cat lover or anyone who wants to keep their cat happy and healthy.

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  • The YMINA Cat Litter Box is a portable, foldable litter box that can be taken anywhere.
  • It has two entrances and exits, so your cat can enter or exit through either door.
  • The box includes a filter to prevent odors from being released into the air.
  • It is easy to clean and remove, making it ideal for use on a regular basis.