Vealind Kitty Litter Box with Lid foldable litter box for Small Cat


Brand: Vealind

The Vealind Kitty Litter Box with Lid Foldable Litter Box for Small Cat with Little Devil Front Door is perfect for small cats. With its unique design, it provides an enclosed private space for your cat to do his or her own thing without having to worry about litter getting out. The black color is perfect for any home dcor.

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  • The Vealind Kitty Litter Box has a buckle design that allows the cat to enter and exit the box easily.
  • It is made of plastic and is small enough to fit under most furniture.
  • The box comes with a lid and a front door design.
  • It also includes a double door in and out feature to prevent litter from being scattered outside of the box.