Tunze Care Panes Aquarium Glass Cleaner 500 ml


Brand: Tunze

This aquarium glass cleaner is tough! It’s tough on dirt and grime, but gentle on your hands, its tough on algae and bacteria too! Made with natural sea salt, this cleaner is perfect for all types of aquariums, from small to large. With a strong detergent action, this cleaner will help to keep your aquarium clean and looking great. Don’t miss out on this must-have cleaning product order your bottle today!

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  • The product is a care pane aquarium glass cleaner that contains extremely powerful organic surfactants.
  • It is said to be up to 500 times more effective than conventional chemical surfactants from the petrochemical industry.
  • The product does not have a hazard labelling and is designed to minimize the risk of allergies.
  • It can be applied in a targeted manner to avoid any chance of the product being inhaled or distributed uncontrollably across the aquarium.
  • The product is designed to be completely eco friendly and has active ingredients made of renewable resources.