Miniature Stable Blanket with Belly Wrap


Brand: Tough 1

The Tough 1 600D Miniature Stable Blanket is perfect for those who want a little extra security when they travel or are on the go. This miniature stable blanket features a ripstop design and an adjustable belly strap. The deep shoulder and extra gussets provide comfort and a secure fit, while the elastic leg straps allow you to adjust to your ideal size. The double buckle front closure ensures a snug fit, and the barbwire stitching adds a touch of style.

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  • The Tough 1 600D Miniature Stable Blanket has a ripstop fabric and belly wrap with elastic straps.
  • It is made with double buckle front closure, adjustable elastic leg straps, and deep shoulder and extra gussets for comfort and a secure fit.
  • The blanket is 36 inches in size and purple in color.
  • It is made of polyester material

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