Tough 1 Fly Rump Sheet


Brand: Tough 1

This tough 1 fly rump sheet is perfect for all your toughest tasks! Made with a double layer of fabric to provide maximum protection, this sheet is built to last. Don’t worry about holes or gaps – the tough 1 fly rump sheet has been tested to withstand all types of abuse! So go ahead and take on that next project with confidence – you know it’s going to be worth it because it’s made with love by people who care about quality!

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  • The Tough 1 Fly Rump Sheet is a lightweight and breathable mesh sheet that will keep biting flies and insects off of your horse’s hind end.
  • It comes with quick grip loops for easy attachment, and also features metal grommets for saddle attachment.
  • This product is one size only and measures 29″ long x 24″ drop
  • Made from mesh material