Tfwadmx Bunny Litter Box with Grate for Guinea Pig Ferrets


Brand: Tfwadmx

The Tfwadmx Bunny Litter Box is a great way to keep your small animals clean and comfortable. Made of high-quality plastic, this box is durable and easy to clean. The mesh design is large and easy to clean, and the bottom is deep and grooved so that urine does not splash out of the box. The box comes with attached cage hooks to hold the litter tray securely to your cage.

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  • The Tfwadmx Bunny Litter Box has a solid construction that is durable.
  • The box is made of high quality material that is nontoxic and easy to clean.
  • The box comes with a free gift.
  • The Tfwadmx brand is known for making reliable products.