Tetra Fauna Hermit Crab Meal


Brand: Tetra

The TetraFauna Hermit Crab Meal is a complete, balanced diet that is perfect for land crabs of all sizes. The high-protein powder diet is scientifically formulated to be optimal for growth, and the rich fish meal and coconut copra provide a healthy and balanced diet. The meal is also fortified with calcium for proper exoskeleton development. The TetraFauna Hermit Crab Meal is available in a convenient powder form that can be easily mixed into any food or beverage.

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  • TetraFauna Hermit Crab Meal is a complete diet for land crabs
  • The meal is high in protein and rich in fish meal and coconut
  • It also supports exoskeleton development
  • For variety, alternate daily feeding with Tetra Hermit Crab Cakes
  • The meal comes with its own AquaSafe water conditioner

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