Tetra Connect Curved Aquarium Kit 28 Gallon, with Wi-Fi Feeder and Lighting


Brand: Tetra

This aquarium kit includes everything you need to get started with a beautiful, functional aquarium! It’s easy to set up and maintain, and it’s perfect for any fish lover looking for an amazing, immersive experience. With its curved design and multiple viewing angles, this aquarium is sure to provide you with plenty of entertainment!

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  • The Tetra Connect Curved Aquarium Kit 28 Gallon, with WiFi Feeder and Lighting, Multi has a controlled aquarium feature that allows you to use your smartphone to manage the lighting and water conditions in your tank.
  • This product also features customizable lighting options, a precise feeding mechanism, and a quiet filtration system.
  • The kit includes a glass tank with a glass canopy, an aquarium feeder, RGB light sticks, and a whisper IQ filtration system.