LE TAUCI Cat Slow Feeder, 5.5 Inch Lick Mat


The LE TAUCI Cat Slow Feeder is perfect for those who want to encourage their cats or dogs to eat healthfully. Made of high-quality ceramic, it is odorless and microwave safe. With a sturdy construction, it is resistant to being chewed by small kittens or puppies. The heavy weight on the bottom ensures that the feeder stays put while your pet eats.

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  • The product is a le tauci cat slow feeder that comes with a 5.5 inch lick mat.
  • It is designed to be a multipurpose pet treat mat and can be used for wet or dry food.
  • The ribs and ridges of the low profile design allow the cat and dog to naturally crouch and enjoy feeding.
  • This slow feeder is all about mimicking feeding, like in the wild.