SunGrow 2 Betta Feeding Ring, Prevent Water Turbulence from washing Food into Filter


Brand: SunGrow

The SunGrow 2 Betta Feeding Ring is a practical and easy way to keep your fish healthy and provide them with a clean environment. Made of durable black plastic, this ring is designed to last. It features two different sizes of plates that can be used together or with a divider in between to create multiple feeding areas. With its easy-to-use design, this ring is perfect for any fishkeeper.

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  • The SunGrow Fish Feeder Rings reduce food leftovers and avoid bullying among fish.
  • The rings keep fish tanks clear by preventing food from being dropped on the bottom and getting stuck in filters or pumps.
  • The rings are made of durable, nontoxic materials that are suitable for both fresh and saltwater environments.
  • The rings feature suction cup suspension and automatic repositioning to make them light weight and always stay in the right place.

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