SunGrow Aquarium Salt for Betta Fish


Brand: SunGrow

The SunGrow Aquarium Salt for Betta is a must-have for any aquarium. With its granule form, it is easy to add to your water and provides essential water electrolytes to help keep your fish healthy and vibrant.

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  • You can add aquarium salt while setting up a new freshwater aquarium, when changing water, and when treating fish from fin rot, itch, velvet etc.
  • Although aquarium salt can be added to your betta tank, there are also some situations when you should not.
  • Avoid adding salt when your aquarium contains any of the following:
  • a) Scaleless Fish – Salt will dry out the mucus like coating on a scaleless fish which serves as their guard.
  • b) Live Plants – Some fragile plants cant handle salinity but there are exceptions.