Stock Show 6Pcs/Pack 3″


Brand: Stock Show

The Stock Show 6Pcs/Pack 3″ Funny Pet Dogs Teeth Pattern Balls Chew Toy Squeaker Squeaky Sound Bite Resistant Dogs Training Toys is a great way to keep your dog entertained and active. Made of lightweight and non-toxic materials, these toys are perfect for use during training or playtime. The soft toy is easy for your dog to carry around in his mouth, and the amazing float toy makes it easy to find. With a diameter of 7. 5 cm (3 inches), this toy is ideal for small to medium sized dogs.

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  • A fun pet ball in various colors
  • soft toy
  • easy for dogs to carry around in the mouth
  • a great way to keep your dog’s mind and body active
  • made from evadge glue, a nontoxic and lightweight material
  • comes with a Smile and Happiness facial expression