Snagle Paw Waterproof Dog Couch Cover


Brand: Snagle Paw

The Snagle Paw Waterproof Dog Couch Cover is a must-have for any dog owner. This cover is made of high-quality polyester and cotton materials that are water-resistant and soft to the touch. The cover is also machine washable for easy cleaning. The Snagle Paw Waterproof Dog Couch Cover is available in two sizes: 68″ x 82″ and 60″ x 80″.

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  • The Snagle Paw waterproof dog couch cover is made of a polyester, plastic, and cotton material.
  • It comes with a silicone rubber dotted backing that will hold it firmly in place without slipping.
  • The cover also has a non slip back design.
  • It is available in four sizes: 52 x 82 , 68 x 82 , 82 x 82 , and 102 x 82 .