Digital Salinity & Temperature Meter with ATC, Handheld Pen Type Water Quality Measurement Monitor Tester


The Digital Salinity & Temperature Meter is a reliable and accurate way to measure water quality. With a wide range of salinity and temperature settings, it can accommodate a variety of ecosystems. The meter features a built-in NaCL temperature coefficient, conductivity to TDS conversion factor, and data storage. It also has a factory default reset function, as well as an over and under the limit value display. The CE-qualified meter is tested according to European international guidelines and standards.

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  • The Digital Salinity & Temperature Meter can measure salinity levels from 0 to 70 PPT, and temperature from 0 to 50 C.
  • It has a wide range of applications, including saltwater, hydroponics, pools, aquariums, fishponds, spas, and more.
  • The meter is made with an IP65 rating, meaning it is waterproof and dustproof.
  • It comes with batteries included so you can start measuring right away.

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