Salifert COPT Copper Test Kit


Brand: Salifert

This test kit includes all necessary hardware and supplies for a quick and easy installation. You’ll wonder: did my plumbing, electrical, or carpentry skills improve? Let’s just say: they improved, but you’ll never know it because your focus is on the here and now. With this test kit, you can be sure that any problem with the hot tub or any part of its operation is fixed quickly and correctly. Don’t risk wasting time and money on repairs that could be avoided with a proper diagnosis and an appropriate replacement part. Get the Salifert COPT Copper Test Kit today!

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  • The Salifert test kit is a very sensitive and accurate way to measure dissolved or weakly chelated copper.
  • It has a pH of 7.59
  • You can use it for marine, fresh and garden pond water
  • The kit comes from Holland
  • It detects strongly chelated copper

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